Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

Epic's Sweeney: Fortnite isn't addictive, but a 'healthy, social experience'

Preview: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile PUBG mobile starts you out against bots to “ease” you into the game
Sandy Nunez | 28 March, 2018, 00:35

In-game purchases in Battle Royale are all done with V-Bucks, a currency you can earn through Save the World mode and the game's Battle Pass but is primarily purchased with real-world money.

When the wave of cheaters first gained prominence, players flocked to all facets of social media including that of the Steam Community updates, demanding that PUBG Corp region lock the title to prevent those from other regions ruining their fun. Epic has more than twice the employees of PUBG creator Bluehole, which a year ago issued what sounded like a legal threat when Fortnite's battle royale mode was first released. Costumes broaden your pallet too: all of this is good for a free-to-play game. I placed fourth with a whopping eight kills in my first match, and I chalked it up to the game being full of inexperienced players.

A lot of things have happened in the world of PUBG in the past year.

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The objective is the same, you are thrown onto an island from an airplane with up to 99 players and the play area keeps reducing. You know, when I look at competitive scrim results for the different Battle Royale games, I see that the number one H1Z1 team will maybe win 25 to 30 percent of the time. This is because not only does Epic have a flagship game i.e. Fortnite, but they also have an awesome product, in the form of Unreal Engine 4. It's great that more people are exploring this space and more people are getting to play these games. It also adds a further degree of unpredictability, especially when enemies appear in spots of the map you otherwise wouldn't expect them to show up. Once the update is applied to the live version of the game, only players who reside in the correct area for a server can join, with others being made invisible to them. PUBG also has an entry price of $30.

Despite a fairly average launch in July 2017, Fortnite suddenly and unexpectedly became one of the hottest games in the world. If you are an old-school Counter Strike lover, or just like playing PUBG on the PC or Xbox, this game is definitely going to stay on your smartphone. This will be awarded when you log on the game for free.