Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

Major Siri bug exposes all your hidden Signal messages on iPhone

Siri privacy bug lets it read out most hidden message content on a locked iPhone Your 'hidden' iPhone notifications can be outed by blabbermouth Siri
Cecil Davis | 25 March, 2018, 01:12

This would allow anyone to read your messages, whereby breaching the security code which has always been the main concern to Apple. So till this bug is active, Siri can read out all notifications on the iPhone X even without the owner's permission.

The issue was reported yesterday by a Brazilian outlet Mac Magazine in which it detailed that hidden notifications on an iPhone or iPad can be unveiled using nothing but your voice command.

In a test, MacRumors reproduced this issue on an iPhone X running both iOS 11.2.6 and the latest iOS 11.3 beta, while confirming that it does not affect iMessage. It's not immediately clear whether the lack of consistency is a bug or instead just an odd design flaw or API limitation that impacts third-party apps.

Yep, that's right: A new bug discovered by Mac Magazine (via 9to5Mac) reveals that you can simply ask Siri to spy on someone's hidden notifications.

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Regardless, it's probably not something that most users are aware of, and the discovery might be particularly concerning for iPhone X owners. That's an excellent, immediate wall of privacy, but this Siri weakness easily gets around it. Apple has made an effort to show how secure their system is, and to assuage fears that facial recognition software may be used in nefarious ways. To do so, go to Settings Siri & Search Disable Allow Siri When Locked. To make matters worse, Siri reads out the sender, subject line, and the first several lines of the email. However a recent Siri bug circumvented that protection. Whether your notifications are from Skype, Facebook Messenger or even WhatsApp, your messages would be read out loud.

Turn off lock screen notifications for these sensitive apps (Settings Notifications select app Show on Lock Screen).

After all, it's meant to be a LOCK screen that LOCKS your phone, not merely a cautious front end that gives you partial access to some features of some apps. As of now, you can fix this issue by disabling Siri while your iOS device is locked.