Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Trump Ponders Using Newly Allocated Defense Funds for Border Wall

President Trump takes part in a forum President Trump takes part in a forum
Deanna Wagner | 29 March, 2018, 01:36

He declared that Mexico would pay for the construction, which Mexico has denied from day one.

The president went on to tout how the military would be investing the new funding, highlighting money tagged for tanks, F-35 fighter jets, Black Hawk helicopters and new naval ships.

After failing to get Congress-or Mexico-to cough up enough cash for a wall along the Mexican border, President Trump has been looking into getting the Pentagon to pay for it, reasoning that it has plenty of money under the new federal budget, insiders say. It should be noted that the House Speaker had very little reaction and did not think the project could prosper.

Basically, the Pentagon can't make a shift like that without an act of Congress (with 60 votes for approval), which puts Trump right back where he started ... in a puddle of his own frustration.

Donald Trump appeared to publicly share his idea to have the USA military pay for the border wall, tweeting that America should "Build WALL through M!"

On Sunday, President Deals tweeted "Build Wall through M!"

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Earlier this year, President Trump had agreed to trade protection for the Dreamers for funding for his precious border wall, but then he backed away from that agreement; as a result, there is no wall funding. In threat of a veto, Trump begrudgingly signed the spending bill Friday. The most recent budget deal in Congress still has no wall funding, and specifically states that any border construction must be see-through fencing.

5 of 9 Supporters of President Donald Trump display signs during a rally attended by about 500 people in San Diego, Calif., on March 13, 2018, where he was visiting the nearby border wall protoypes. This was mainly directed towards immigrants coming in from Mexico. Followed by, "They're bringing their bringing drugs".

The President is now tasked with the chore of finding other outlets to fund the wall and fulfill his campaign promise.

He retweeted his message again Monday night, although most studies of illegal drug flow, including US government reports, indicate drugs from foreign countries are smuggled into the USA through legal ports of entry and not at illegal crossings.

Unfortunately, Trump does not seem to understand how any of the above works. In order to have the proper funding by 2019, Trump would have to submit a budget defense amendment. "They can't contradict it, they can't override it, the courts will undoubtedly sustain it, and he's gonna get his wall even though the Democrats fought tooth and nail against it and thought they had killed it".