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Trump spoke to witnesses about talks they had with special counsel

Trump asked special counsel witnesses about discussions: Source Trump Asked Witnesses About Their Interviews With Special Counsel, New York Times Sources Say
Deanna Wagner | 09 March, 2018, 03:07

"It always looks suspicious, like you are coaching them, coordinating, inducing them-particularly if you are their boss and you wield a certain amount of power", Katyal continued.

Fox's sources also deny that Trump ever "ordered" McGahn to see Mueller fired; they say Trump simply directed McGahn to see what could be done about Mueller.

The Times report referenced the obstruction investigation with regard to Trump's interactions with McGahn and Priebus. But McGhan pressed back and reminded Trump that he had asked him to order Mueller's termination.

According to the Times, Porter told McGahn that Trump had suggested he might "get rid of" McGahn if he didn't issue the statement. McGahn never issued such a denial.

James Comey, who was then the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said Trump asked him for his loyalty and to end the investigation into his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. The President told McGahn that he did not remember the discussion that way.

"Telling McGahn to lie to the public about [Trump's] order to fire Mueller is not a crime, but it shows that Trump was concerned about the truth coming out and/or that he had a guilty conscience", wrote former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti.

United States special counsel probes Seychelles meeting with Russian
The two men, he said, spoke for no more than 30 minutes, or about the time it took him to drink a beer. Bannon and the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner , according to people familiar with the matter.

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

Mueller is aware of both conversations.

More profound, however, is what the exchanges reveal about Trump's corrupting influence on the institution of the presidency.

The White House did not respond to several requests for comment. "They represent the president as president and so in that sense, [McGahn's] obligation is to the institution", Bauer explained.

While stipulating that the president was ignoring the advice of his legal team, the Times had a big letdown for readers who are all aboard the impeachment train. This dynamic is not unique to the Trump administration. "It's pretty clear that Kelly admonishes him constantly and he's not the only one", a WH official tells me. "There's a pattern here of Trump constantly meddling with this investigation, and he keeps showing by his actions how anxious he is about it". "Anything beyond what I've already given you, I would refer you to the President's outside counsel".

Further proof came Wednesday, with two more stories that would have seemed like bombshells if they hadn't been overwhelmed by so much news about tariffs, White House departures and the porn star who claims she had an affair with the man who's now the president. And the top White House lawyer is just one person in a larger scheme that Trump has no respect for whatsoever.

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