Monday, 21 January, 2019

'Unprecedented Democrat turnout' - Texas Republicans mock talk of blue wave

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz speaks during a campaign event for congressional candidate Chip Roy in New Braunfels on Saturday Feb. 10 2018 With primary ending, Cruz takes opening shot at Beto O'Rourke's name
Deanna Wagner | 08 March, 2018, 23:25

"Their base is demanding ideological purity and they are forcing these candidates farther to the left to adopt positions like single payer health care that just aren't tenable with a broader electorate, particularly in Texas", said Jesse Hunt, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Many women ran in a record eight open congressional races this year in Texas - two of which are up for grabs after longtime GOP incumbents abandoned plans for re-election amid scandal.

A week after formally announcing he's running for reelection, President Trump is learning that he's got some competition in the form of a nonexistent politician.

Expect Cruz (and his sharp-elbowed operatives) to run a tough campaign, targeting O'Rourke, including that his given name is Robert and Cruz's is Rafael in Latino-heavy Texas and that O'Rourke is too liberal for Texas. "I can't be more proud than I am right now to be a Texan". Late last month, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) took the rare step of publishing embarrassing opposition research on the journalist and activist who wants to take on John Culberson, a Republican, in the mid-terms in November.

The primaries - the first in the nation ahead of November's general election - set up a number of fascinating races.

Republicans have more reason to be nervous about the prospects of keeping control of the U.S. Congress this year after Democrats came out in force in Texas congressional primary elections.

Bush - who kept a low profile during the campaign - raked in almost 58 percent of the vote with around 93 percent of precincts reporting, avoiding a runoff against his predecessor, Jerry Patterson.

"President Trump has become the major national issue driving politics", Henson said. "That's what all representatives should do". "Their hard work and aggressive voter contact drove Democratic voters across the state to turn out in unprecedented numbers".

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Governor Abbott won the Republican nomination, which isn't a huge surprise, but he lost two of the races down the ballot that he invested heavily in. It tried to undercut her - because it believes she would lose in a general election in a winnable seat in the Houston suburbs - but this, instead, backfired.

O'Rourke, who campaigned in nearly all of the 254 Texas counties, beat out his Democratic primary opponents on Tuesday, snagging over 60 percent of the blue vote, while the incumbent, Cruz, took home 85 percent of the Republican vote. Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won in three of those districts, which are considered competitive.

Texas voters - THANK YOU! As a result of our campaign, there is finally at least some transparency at the Alamo, and there are Harvey victims who now have shelter.

O'Rourke did pick up two key counties in the Rio Grande Valley - Hidalgo and Cameron - and he won 90 percent of the vote in El Paso, his home county on the border. Davis led Susanna Dokupil by more than 10 percentage points with nearly all precincts reporting Tuesday night.

Mary Street Wilson received over 15,669 votes or 30.9 percent of Democratic vote, and will compete against Democratic candidate Jospeh Kosper who received 14,684 or 29.0 percent of the democratic votes.

"It was a team effort", Cadena said during Fagan's election watch party at The Local 109.

"We have been hearing for weeks in Texas and across the country that a great "blue wave" was coming to Texas", Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a Wednesday news release.

W.A. "Sonny" Baker earned just enough voter support to be the next commissioner for Precinct 2, with 241 votes for 50.74 percent of the total votes cast in the precinct.


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