Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

Zuckerberg admits mistakes as Facebook stock loses billions

Facebook not facing the music for breaching users' trust Thinking of quitting Facebook to protect your privacy?
Cecil Davis | 25 March, 2018, 01:13

Mark Zuckerberg came out of hiding on Wednesday to address the Cambridge Analytica scandal. As he said, we know that this was a major violation of peoples' trust, and I deeply regret that we didn't do enough to deal with it.

After getting everyone up to speed, Zuckerberg laid out a plan for ensuring incidents like this don't happen again. For example, it will remove developers' access to user data if you haven't used their app in three months. The company laid out a multipart plan created to reduce the amount of data shared by users with outside developers, and said it would audit some developers who had access to large troves of data before earlier restrictions were implemented in 2014.

"We're going to review thousands of apps,"Zuckerberg told CNN's Laurie Segall in an exclusive interview".

In India, The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEIT) has officially sent a notice to Cambridge Analytica, the data mining and analysis firm involved in the data breach at Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg finally broke his silence on the Cambridge Analytica scandal on Wednesday, meaning the social network's redemption tour has begun.

One better solution, says Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center: Make apps alert users whenever data transfers are taking place. "So like I said we think it's a minimum influence but we're looking at it". "We need to take a look at the databases, we need to look at the servers and understand how data was processed or deleted by Cambridge Analytica". "This isn't rocket science".

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"They were just throwing jargon around." he told the paper, adding that the firm also claimed it did top secret work for the military. "But we can get in front of this".

Now a company known as much for reminders of a long-lost friend's birthday and documentation of acquaintances' every whim is grappling with outrage- and the possible loss of confidence - from users around the globe that have made the social media site a part of their daily routine. "And that, actually, is something I haven't talked about publicly before, so you're the first people I'm telling about that".

Meet the whistleblower blowing the lid off Facebook & Cambridge Analytica.

London's High Court granted the request by UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who is investigating claims that the firm may have illegally acquired Facebook data for political ends.

Next, click apps and delete any apps you no longer use to button up your security. He said the company was able to amass the database quickly with the help of an academic, Aleksander Kogan, who developed a Facebook app called "This is Your Digital Life" that appeared to be a personality test.

And while you may not see updates about near-forgotten schoolmates or that random person you met six years ago, the people who matter most will stick around. "In my opinion I felt like we should say, 'this is exactly what we did'". Kogan develops a data scraping app, #thisisyourdigitallife Facebook allowed a research project in Cambridge Analytica which is installed by 270,000 people without knowing that this app has a hidden code which allowed it to harvest the data of all their friends who had their privacy setting open by this CA harvest 50 million Facebook user data.