Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Cynthia Nixon talks politics with Wendy Williams

Cynthia Nixon Reveals Which Scene in 'Sex and the City 2' Movie Left Her 'Devastated' Cynthia Nixon 'absolutely for' legalizing marijuana in New York
Adrian Cunningham | 05 April, 2018, 01:54

And while the sequel "Sex And The City 2" is the instalment most fans would prefer pretend never happened, Cynthia has confessed that it's the ending of the first film, in which Carrie discovers the walk-in closet that Mr Big had built for her and ultimately takes him back, that she felt most let down by.

Appearing on the nationally syndicated "Wendy Williams Show" in her first television interview as a NY gubernatorial candidate, Nixon criticized two-term incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo for hammering out the state budget with three other men - excluding the Senate Democratic leader, a black woman. President Trump's astonishing election win also partly inspired her run. "If we don't like the direction our government is going in, we have to step up". Aside from the fact that Andrew Cuomo, a two-term Democrat, is a tough opponent for the gubernatorial race, she was recently criticized for her sexual orientation and called an unqualified lesbian.

"I'm absolutely for the legalization of marijuana", Nixon said. Cuomo defended his record during an interview aired on NY1 on Tuesday night, saying it is better than any other NY governor in modern history, which would include his father, Mario, who was governor from 1983-1994. Still, she's more than happy to praise the closet's contents: "We love the clothes!"

"I am running as a New Yorker, a public-school parent. I'm running as a New York City subway rider; that's enough to make anyone want to run nowadays!"

Prof Stephen Hawking funeral
Today, his coffin was driven via a hearse through Cambridge , topped with white "Universe" lilies and white "Polar Star" roses. Up to 500 relatives, friends and colleagues are expected to attend the service this afternoon at Great St Mary's church.

Williams and Nixon also discussed the death of Stephon Clark - a black man who was shot and killed by police in Sacramento, Calif. Nixon was quick to explain that she does think the shooting was a result of being what Williams called a "black man thing".

"Because I thought: 'Is this what these women in the audience think true love is?" "If we are going to say black lives matter, we have to mean it".

On the subject of so-called "celebrity candidates" - the famous faces who seemingly enter politics simply to grab hold of fading headlines (see: Stacey Dash) - Nixon had another comeback.