Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Fierce Clashes Continue At Gaza-Israel Border Fence

Hundreds of Palestinians Injured as Clashes With Israel's Military Resume One Palestinian killed and hundreds injured in Gaza clashes
Deanna Wagner | 14 April, 2018, 10:26

It has said some of those at the border tried to damage the fence, planted explosives or hurled firebombs.

In two weeks, 34 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire, including 27 during protests. On April 1, the USA blocked a draft resolution by the U.N. Security Council that called for an investigation into the deaths of the 17 Palestinian protesters who had been killed up until that point.

"Israel is treating the protest in Gaza as it has handled similar events in the past: Broad, unlawful use of lethal force at a heavy price to lives, baseless legal interpretations issued to justify this policy, and whitewashing the crimes within days". The Israeli military says snipers only target the main "instigators".

One Palestinian was killed and 969 were wounded in a fire outbreak reportedly conducted by the Israeli forces during the on-going Israel-Palestine clashes at the Gaza border on April 13.

Numerous injuries were the result of live ammunition and tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers, the ministry said.

The ministry says 203 of those hurt were treated at hospitals and the rest at field clinics.

Five camps have been set up on Gaza's border with Israel as part of the demonstrations.

Since the start of the border unrest at the end of March, more than 30 Palestinian rioters have been killed.

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The ministry did not provide a breakdown according to types of injuries.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian health ministry said that at least 968 people were wounded by gunfire and tear gas Friday, with at least 1 death.

More than 10,000 Palestinians are participating in demonstrations along the Israel-Gaza border.

In the West Bank, Israeli soldiers also injured 11 Palestinians after the army attacked protesters in Kafr Qalil, in the city of Nablus. Smaller numbers approached the fence, throwing stones and rolling burning tyres toward soldiers taking up positions on the other side.

The human rights group Adalah, which had petitioned the Israeli government on behalf of the Palestinians, said, "The wilful act of denying urgent medical care, in these circumstances, may constitute cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and/or torture under the UN Convention Against Torture, ratified by Israel".

Rights groups have described the Israeli military's open-fire regulations as unlawful, saying they permit soldiers to use potentially lethal force against unarmed protesters. Hundreds more were reported injured from inhaling tear gas.

Becker said that while the Great Return March has received at least some global media attention, there is still very little given to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.