Saturday, 16 February, 2019

Israeli defense minister claims there are 'no innocent people' in Gaza

Palestinian journalist dies from gunshot wounds Israeli Sniper Targets, Kills Journalist in "PRESS" Vest
Deanna Wagner | 09 April, 2018, 00:46

"He just fell on the ground and said, 'I've been shot, I've been shot'". "I would be happy if we could live in peace, but they don't want to sit and talk with us". These were the lines of Yaser Murtaja, a photojournalist, a few days before he was killed.

The Committee to Protect Journalists put out an advisory to reporters covering Friday's protests, after 10 Palestinian journalists were injured during protests on 30 March. "I know the situation is very, very hard", Israeli farmer Daniel Rahamim said about economic hardship in Gaza, the Palestinian enclave ruled by Hamas, an Islamist group that advocates Israel's destruction.

Unrest between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces has erupted along Gaza's border with Israel, a week after similar unrest left 16 people dead. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War coalition were among several organizations sponsoring the massive protest event.

"The circumstances in which journalists were allegedly hit by Israeli Defence Force fire are not familiar to the IDF, and are being looked into", it said in a statement.

The protests are planned to last six weeks up until Nakhba Day, the anniversary of Israel's establishment that displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Tyres were set on fire in an attempt to create a smokescreen to block the view of Israeli snipers, as hundreds of protesters gathered at five protest sites along the 65km-long (40-mile) Israel-Gaza border.

It follows accusations from the United Nations' human rights office that it has indications of Israeli forces using "excessive force" the previous week.

Israeli troops on the other side of the fence responded with tear gas, rubber-coated steel pellets and water cannons, as well as occasional live fire.

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It has warned that orders given to soldiers about when to open fire have not been changed, despite a storm of global criticism.

Hamas has refused to give up its weapons - even at the cost of derailing talks on getting Abbas to assume the burden of governing Gaza, seen by Israel and Egypt as a prerequisite for opening Gaza's borders.

Military officials have said Hamas has used the protests as a cover for damaging the fence, planting explosives and, in one incident, opening fire on soldiers.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has called on the worldwide community to find a new formula that would deny the US the right to veto Security Council resolutions demanding the establishment of an independent inquiry commission on events in Gaza. Last week, a similar resolution sponsored by Kuwait was vetoed by the U.S.

It called for enabling medical equipment to be delivered quickly to those who need it and for "medical deferrals to hospitals outside Gaza for humanitarian reasons".

Warning: Image of a deceased person below some may find distressing.

"Whatever we use, we are always targeted by Israeli forces". "The number of patients with trauma injuries rose to 20 per week while it was 20 per month before November 2017", she added.

There has been a spike in violence since President Donald Trump's December 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.