Thursday, 25 April, 2019

Millions in public housing could see higher rents under Trump plan

Philadelphia. A Department of Housing and Urban Development employee said Tuesday Feb. 27 2018 that she was demoted Matt Rourke Associated Press file Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson
Deanna Wagner | 28 April, 2018, 10:47

Numbers from HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research show 113,791 Coloradans received federal housing assistance in 2017. Roughly 712,000 housing assistance recipients now pay less than $150 a month. That basically means residents would have to pay $100 more in rent. The proposal also makes it easier for public housing agencies and landlords to impose work requirements.

Cities have recently been working harder to mitigate affordable housing crises and prevent residents from being forced out of their homes. Increasing rents, including rents for the very lowest income seniors, will do much more harm than good.

People living in federal housing may soon see an increase to their rent.

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Rents would be evaluated every three years instead of annually. Chicago requires able-bodied beneficiaries to work 20 hours a week.

The elderly and the disabled would be excluded from both the rent increases and work requirements, per reports.

Carson's act doesn't propose a timeline, but Congress must approve the changes before they can go into effect.

A set of gifted hands are dissecting a new plan for public housing.

Some housing advocates say the proposed changes unfairly target low-income and poor people.

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Currently, the value of a voucher must be 90 to 110% of the fair market rent, she said. During a 2016 speech at his alma mater, Yale University, Carson said: "Government should not keep people in a dependent state".

"Here they go again demonstrating the clear lack of understanding of the challenges these families face", Commissioner Klein said".

Nationally, 24% of vouchers are used by seniors, Couch said.

It's not just residents who are anxious, so are the nonprofits that help them, like Volunteers of America - Colorado.

The proposal does exempt families that would be evicted if they can't cover the rent increase, but it would push more struggling families closer to the margin.

HUD further calls for modifying the deductions considered when determining a tenant's rent, ending those for medical and child care costs, the Washington Post reported. "The very objective of these programs is to provide a stable home for people who otherwise can't manage on their own", Sard said. "Rather it will put them on the road to homelessness".

"We're interested in successful aging in place, not in contributing to housing instability", she said. "People will start getting evicted like insane".

A House Financial Services subcommittee hearing on rent reform was scheduled for Wednesday and Carson detailed his plan ahead of the meeting.