Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Radical Heights is BossKey's Cheesy 80s-Styled Take on Battle Royale

Fortnite Meets The Running Man in Boss Key's New Free-to-Play Battle Royale Game Radical Heights - Reveal Gameplay Trailer [Official Video]
Cecil Davis | 10 April, 2018, 15:07

Who know, you could be a major part of the shaping of the next big Battle Royale phenomenon!

After admitting LawBreakers" failure last week, developer Boss Key Productions has now unveiled its latest project: "Radical Heights. Currently, this title is scheduled to release tomorrow on Early Access for free. The trailer showcases what you expect from the genre.

It also aims to mix up the now-familiar shoot-and-scavenge gameplay of battle royale with "Game Show moments", which manifest as carnival-style kiosks you can interact with for rewards (or watch someone else play before killing them and taking any winnings for yourself). As you explore the world and kill other players, you'll earn cash, which can be deposited for later use if you can make to it an ATM before you die. You'll also be able to pop wheelies on BMX bikes, though that sounds a lot more life-threatening than cruising around a chaotic warzone in a auto. Not all is grim though as they also announced a new game! \Its retro look and cult looking characters are probably the first reason players will want to try it out, with the second being its free-to-play character.

"This is a five-month passion project for the studio as we're creating and publishing the game entirely by ourselves", Zach Lowery, "Radical Heights" creative director, said in a statement.

Keeping in with the decade of mullets and mobile brick phones, Radical Heights will feature a variety of 80s-inspired gear, such as BMX bikes, workout trampolines, confetti bombs, and other barmy toys to get your hands on. There has been no word or information on additional modes of transportation such as trucks or cars.

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Radical Heights will be available to download for free starting on Steam Early Access from April 10th, 2018.

Boss Key Productions has revealed its next game, Radical Heights.

Radical Heights launches tomorrow for PC via Steam.

Boss Key Productions have responded to the pay-to-win allegations against their game and have dropped the $10,000 cash boost.