Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Rep. Esty Calls for Review on How She Handled Misconduct Allegations

More CT Democrats call for Esty’s resignation More CT Democrats call for Esty’s resignation
Deanna Wagner | 03 April, 2018, 03:15

Esty was first elected to her Connecticut House seat in 2012. "In seeking this inquiry, I want to clarify whether there was any wrongdoing on my part". The other eight - all men - were themselves the target of misconduct complaints; in Esty's case, criticism was leveled at her handling of the allegations against Baker.

Esty came under fire last week after it was revealed that her chief of staff, Baker, reportedly remained on the job for three months after Esty was informed that he had allegedly assaulted and threatened his former girlfriend and then-co-worker Anna Kain. In a statement, the congresswoman said she addressed the "immediate crisis" by demanding Mr. Baker enter counseling and launching an internal review of her office.

Esty has said she learned through a third party in 2016 about possible misconduct by Baker involving a former staffer, who worked in her office from 2013 to 2015.

"As Congresswoman Esty has acknowledged, her actions did not protect Ms. Kain and should have", Pelosi, D-Calif., stated.

"It certainly was far from a ideal process - and I would appreciate their advice, counsel, and review". "At which point, I hired a new chief of staff, made changes to senior staff, changed employment policy, and instituted mandatory harassment trainings". Cathy Osten (D-Baltic) is Deputy Senate President Pro tem and added, "My stance is still that I would ask, respectfully ask, that the congresswoman take into consideration what I and other Democrats are asking and that she resign".

Connecticut's largest newspaper, the Hartford Courant, had demanded Esty that resign outright, calling her handling of her chief of staff a "colossal failure of judgment".

Earlier on Monday, Esty requested an expedited House Ethics Committee inquiry to look into the matter.

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Staffers said Esty repaid the federal government last week with her personal funds.

Anthony Ricci, a friend of Baker's, told CNN that the former chief of staff does not "dispute" that he engaged in abusive behavior, although he denies punching Kain.

Esty entered into a nondisclosure agreement with Baker and wrote a reference letter for him even after learning of the allegations, CNN has confirmed.

The Connecticut Post, which broke the story, reported that Baker was paid a $5,000 severance with taxpayer money through a non-disclosure agreement.

She went on to express regret for her actions. I believe she is now doing that. "The truth is, too many facts about how this incident was handled fall short of appropriate standards for responsible and responsive leadership", Mr. Malloy said in a statement.

Karen Jarmoc of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence said her organization can not take a position on if Esty should resign, but stated, "There were some serious missteps around how this was managed and, specifically, in relation to holding an offender accountable and insuring there was support and resources for a victim".