Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Loses With Embarrassing Mispronunciation

Wheel of Fortune contestant's mispronunciation of'flamenco costs him $7,100 Wheel of Fortune contestant's mispronunciation of'flamenco costs him $7,100
Deanna Wagner | 11 April, 2018, 04:54

This poor dude had the entire puzzle solved with no letters remaining: "Flamenco dance lessons".

Jonny would wind up solving the game's final puzzle which was fittingly enough, "What just happened?" and resulted in Sajak giving a hearty laugh.

Pat Sajak explained: 'We know you didn't mean to say it but you gave us a g instead of a c.

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And yes, there is a difference: Flamenco is a Spanish dance style, while flamingo is a pink bird.

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In what can only be described as a truly epic fail, Wheel of Fortune basically was handing $7,100 to Johnny and he said, "Nah".

He then followed up by saying: "OMG, he spent 20 seconds mumbling "Flamingo" and "Flamenco" to himself".

After an ad break, Pat said: "It was unintentional but you have to go by the rules". "It's over. R.I.P.in peace Jonny", wrote one user.

A Twitter shopper talked about: "Screw you @WheelofFortune". Jonny guessed the damn letters.

One different talked about: "I suppose that man on #WheelOfFortune has lived his whole life believing the phrase "flamenco" was actually pronounced "flamingo".