Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Ajit Pai Schedules June 11 Net Neutrality Reversal Date

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Deanna Wagner | 13 May, 2018, 05:48

Only one Republican, Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, and Angus King, of ME, and U.S. Sen.

To force action on Markey's CRA, Senate Democrats filed a discharge petition on Wednesday, setting up a vote that Markey says should take place next week. That vote repealed the 2015 Open Internet Rules, which were enacted under President Obama after years of wrangling over the issue.

That's because getting rid of net neutrality is really, really bad. Thankfully, at the moment that same sentiment doesn't seem to have spread elsewhere, with Europe for example still in favor of a free and open Internet.

Following the December rollback vote, former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman pledged to lead a multi-state challenge of the repeal, alleging that he was denied FCC assistance in his office's investigation of fake comments submitted during the process. Pai could have allowed the primary portions of the repeal to take effect earlier, but he chose to wait for the OMB to sign off on a new version of the transparency rules that require ISPs to publicly disclose network management practices.

The rules came under fire again, however, when the Republicans retook the FCC as a result of the 2016 election. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai delivered a statement in today's announcement, claiming that the repeal of these "heavy-handed" regulations will allow for more innovation within the realm of broadband internet.

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The Republican-led FCC voted along party lines in December to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality rules, which were meant to prevent internet providers from blocking, speeding up, or slowing down access to specific online services. However, the ISP's will have to disclose those policies upfront, which the FCC believes will inform consumers to which ISP they should or shouldn't subscribe.

According to Engadget, Senate Democrats had enough signatures to call for a vote, but are one Senator shy of being able to actually overturn the decision. Under the Congressional Review Act, Senators must consider the motion by June 12, and it only needs a simple majority to advance. But the House remains far short of the votes it would take to pass the measure.

Democrats are invoking the Congressional Review Act (CRA) of 1996, which enables the legislature to override regulations within 60 days of them being enacted. But for the resolution to pass entirely, a majority would still be needed in the House - where it faces more opposition - and President Donald Trump would have to sign it.

Q: So what's the point?

Numerous internet companies support restoring the protections, with some, including Reddit, Pornhub and Tumblr, adding red alert banners to their sites in support of the forthcoming vote to restore the protections.

The location technology company Foursquare said Tuesday it intends to run a series of ads this week on its platform to pressure USA lawmakers from five states: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana and Nevada.