Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Apple has over 50 self-driving cars on California roads

Apple, Again, Grows Its California Self-driving Fleet, It Has the Second Biggest Fleet (Updated) - macReports Apple now has second biggest fleet of self-driving test cars in California
Cecil Davis | 17 May, 2018, 04:40

Edition macReports recently confirmed that the Apple auto Park is located 55 vehicles, with 83 drivers have the permission to travel in cars with Autonomous control system. Next in the list followed by Tesla (39 vehicles), Drive.Ai (14 cars) and Zoox Inc (12 cars).

As Fortune notes, Apple has been particularly silent with regards to its self-driving tests compared to other companies.

Each participant in this self-driving auto race must have a safety driver in the vehicle during testing.

Grayling announcement on East Coast franchise expected
He pledged to "work constructively with the DfT and the OLR" to ensure a "professional transfer" to the new arrangements. The decision comes after the franchises could no longer meet payments due to lower passenger numbers and profits.

To put this into perspective, Apple had roughly 45 self-driving vehicles back in January of this year. There's always a risk of mechanical failure, and human error can't be ignored, either. but if companies identified problems and developed adequate prevention measures in advance, the number of accidents could experience a remarkable drop. This is the third figure in California after GM Cruise and Apple.

The California DMV also told Mac Reports that Apple has not applied for a completely driverless testing permit, which the DMV started issuing in April. The DMV said a second, unnamed company requested the same approval but didn't offer additional details.

With regards to the actual business model that Apple will be using with regards to its self-driving cars, however, it would seem that the company is more interested in following Waymo's example. Despite the recent steps it's made, analysts predict we won't be seeing cars with fruit logos driving around until at least 2020.