Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Could Lenovo's Z5 be the first truly 'all-screen' smartphone?

Lenovo teases notch-less smartphone Lenovo teases it's first true 'all screen' phone
Cecil Davis | 15 May, 2018, 23:21

A sketch, teased by Lenovo, of its new flagship Lenovo Z5 smartphone, shows the device to feature a truly full edge-to-edge screen, without adhering to the infamous "top notch" trend.

Over the weekend, the company's VP Chang Cheng took to Weibo to share a sketch of the upcoming Lenovo Z5 (above) - and it's all screen in the front. Cheng says this phone represents 18 patented technologies and four technological breakthroughs.

CNET were the first to dig the story up, with Cheng saying that this new phone manages a 95 percent screen-to-bezel ratio. In response, Apple introduced the "notch" later in the year to further minimize the top bezel while still providing a place for hardware like a front-facing camera, various sensors or a phone speaker.

Lenovo, a well-known smartphone maker is expected to launch its next smartphone Lenovo Z5 in coming weeks. The handset does this by hiding the front facing camera within the phone.

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The Z5 meanwhile will also come with an in-screen fingerprint sensor along with piezoelectric earpieces, the other technological hurdles to incorporating an all-screen display.

While Apple claims to have the first all-screen phone with the iPhone X, there is that little detail that bugs many people, the infamous notch. The all screen phone may become a reality soon as companies like Lenovo are serious in making that bezel disappear-with or without the notch. At the moment, the largest screen-to-ratio on the market, but not now available in SA, is the Essential Phone with 84.9%. Well, 95 percent screen, anyway.

We don't have any type of release date for the Lenovo Z5 yet, but we'll let you know when we know more.

Credit: WeiboLike the iPhone X, the Z5 (in these concept images, anyway), has a display that adheres to the contours of the device's face.