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David Price Dealing With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

David Price has been experiencing numbness in his hand David Price has been experiencing numbness in his hand
Cary Erickson | 11 May, 2018, 04:03

David Price doesn't believe playing video games, including the ultra popular Fortnite, is the cause of his recently diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome, reports the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman. Price complained of numbness in his pitching hand before getting checked out. Safety first, always use a keyboard and mouse if you plan on gaming. Earlier this season, Price said he and his teammates have been spent many hours playing the "Fortnite", but he said that while video games might have contributed to his carpal tunnel, they are not to blame for his condition. As manager Alex Cora said, "For me, this is quote-unquote good news compared to anything else". If I need to shut down video games and pick up a new hobby, then so be it. "I've always played video games".

Injuries are not uncommon in the world of Major League Baseball, muscle strains, knee injuries, getting wanged by an errant ball. "It seems like Fortnite now is the one everybody's playing, but a year ago I saw a lot of guys playing Federation Internationale de Football Association". That's all I know. "But we'll talk about it".

Like seemingly everyone, the Boston Red Sox play a lot of Fortnite.

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There is reason to believe that Price's current issues are unrelated to any "Fortnite" he might be playing.

The Red Sox continue their series against the Yankees on Thursday night in NY.

Price is set to start Saturday at Toronto.