Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Ghana and Nigeria to prevent spread of Ebola

Ebola Is Back. And Trump Is Trying to Kill Funding for It. Kenya on alert as DRC Ebola outbreak kills 17
Gustavo Carr | 13 May, 2018, 02:47

Health authorities say the first deaths from the latest suspected outbreak in Congo were reported in January.

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has alerted all health institutions following the outbreak of the Ebola Virus disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on Tuesday May 8, 2018.

Other outbreaks in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea started in 2014 and killed over eleven thousand deaths in their wake. Another is a woman from Ikoko Impenge, the epicentre of the outbreak some 30km from Bikoro, he said.

There have been at least 17 deaths in the area where the Ebola outbreak was confirmed.

Health Minister Oly Ilunga said seven people with the hemorrhagic fever were hospitalized in Bikoro as of Thursday.

Counting the current one, Congo has experienced nine outbreaks since researchers identified Ebola there in 1976. The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it has set aside $250,000 for response to the outbreak while mobilizing a team with experience in previous Ebola outbreaks.

Primary election set for Tuesday, May 15
The Democratic primary election is open to registered Democrats, registered Independents and those with no party affiliation. Saunders County Election Commissioner Patti Lindgren said there have been over 370 party changes for the May 15 election.

Two subjects tested positive in an area around the northwestern part of the country, but there are at least 21 suspected cases elsewhere.

The WHO has released £738,000 ($1mn) from its Contingency Fund for Emergencies to support response activities for the next three months. The last outbreak occurred there in 2017 in the northern Bas Uele province.

"Working with partners and responding early and in a co-ordinated way will be vital to containing this deadly disease", the World Health Organization statement added.

The Eagles will play Congo DR in a farewell match before they will travel to Wembley to play England and then Austria to take on the Czech Republic before landing in Russian Federation for the World Cup. The disease shows early symptoms similar to other diseases like typhoid and malaria-fever, headache, muscle pain and chills-and this makes it hard to identify it in its initial phases.

The World Health Organisation has made $1 million available to stop the virus from spreading to other provinces and countries, a representative of the UN's humanitarian affairs agency OCHA told reporters.