Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Gmail Confidential Mode: How to use Google's Mission: Impossible-inspired feature

Save time with Smart Reply in Gmail - Google Blog Gmail's Smart Compose Basically Writes Emails For You And It's Live Right Now
Cecil Davis | 14 May, 2018, 13:13

Earlier this week, during the Google I/O 2018 keynote address, the company surprised the audience at the event, along with people watching the live stream, with a demo of a previously unrevealed feature in Gmail. The new Gmail interface brings forth a bunch of new options.

Google has begun rolling out a brand new version of Gmail for web users, with a fresh look and a range of new features to help users reach the coveted "inbox zero".

With Gmail's Confidential Mode, Google is adding an extra layer of security and privacy by making users enter a passcode generated via SMS in order to open emails.

Gmail can now write your emails for you.

It's great to see that Google isn't giving up on Gmail, as it starts ramping up the inclusion of new features and a new coat of paint.

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It will then give users a little nudge to respond and will even move the email to a more prominent position as a reminder that it needs some attention. It can now read content from the email you receive and suggest you short, quick responses accordingly.

Although, Google has now explicitly named this feature this isn't something entirely new to the platform. ", Gmail offered three Smart Reply suggestions - Sure, No Plans Yet, and Nothing Planned".

Google has also attempted to improve security of its email service on desktop, courtesy of its machine learning algorithms that aim to make whole interaction with Gmail as secure as possible. Here you have the ability to see how much storage Gmail is using on your computer and set "Sync settings". Share your views with us and keep reading Fossbytes. What I also find interesting about the new update is high-priority notifications. One of such service that has received a major overhaul is the Gmail. To stop your recipient from opening the email before the expiration you've set, open your Gmail.

Confidential Mode was originally due to arrive at the same time as the overall redesign, but was delayed (for confidential reasons, presumably). It will include the likes of Google Keep, Google Calendar and Google Tasks etc. As you type the email, greyed out text will appear and if you want this to be input into the email, you can simply press the "tab" key.