Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Google launches auto-complete sentences in Gmail

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Sandy Nunez | 09 May, 2018, 00:58

Smart Compose uses AI to figure out what you're trying to talk about and suggest words and even full phrases, like autocorrect on steroids.

Smart Compose lets Gmail users put together emails faster, thanks to its artificial intelligence system which composes suggested sentences in your email as you type. Smart Compose's suggested greetings and closings might be handy, though. Gmail users can send and request money from one of their contacts by tapping the same button they would hit to send an attachment and scrolling down the list.

Smart Compose is a new Gmail feature that helps you write emails from scratch more quickly.

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At first it seems like it might get in the way, but as Google points out, it operates in the background. You can simply select these by pressing the tab key or continue writing your email.

So here, you can see Jacqueline trying to email her friends about Taco Tuesday, and Gmail basically writes the whole email for her. The suggestions will appear automatically once you begin typing the sentence. Smart Compose takes that feature to a whole other level, though. It also reduces the chance of spelling and grammatical errors in your mail. It then brought that Snooze feature to Gmail on the web with a big redesign that rolled out late last month. To ensure you're eligible to try out this new capability, head into your settings and make sure "Try the new Gmail" is enabled. While the Google CEO made it clear that Google AI has been working with the healthcare industry, when it came to the company's own products, he announced a new update for both Gmail and Google Photos.