Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Google Will Now Require Android OEMs To Issue Timely Security Updates

Take a Break: Google's Digital Wellbeing Initiative Now Rolling Out for YouTube Google has begun requiring that OEMs roll out regular security patches
Sandy Nunez | 12 May, 2018, 09:29

Google I/O produced a ton of updates announced by Google for its products and services.

Earlier this week as part of the Google I/O 2018 keynote address, the company said it would launch new features to improve what it called the "digital wellbeing" of its users, and maybe make them turn off their phones once in a while.

Google has updated Material Design and released a new tool for developers called Material Theming, which aims to help them customize apps faster. The website for the tool has seen an overhaul and lots of new guidelines have been added.

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Google's head of Material Design, Matías Duarte, told The Verge that Material Design became a victim of its own success, with developers treating it as "gospel", resulting in a sea of similar-looking apps. But to use this new philosophy in practice for developers it will require some practice and adoption. "9to5google discovered that after updating their YouTube app to version 13.18.54, a new Remind me to take a break" option popped up in the settings menu.

Material Theming, which works via a plugin for the prototyping app Sketch, will allow designers to adjust Material buttons, bottom sheets, and navigations to fit their brand.

Now Material Gallery is available as a web app, Android app, and iOS app. A chagrined Burke onstage looked to his engineering team sitting in the audience who amusingly gave a two-part answer saying that Android manages apps quite well to clear them out of memory when required, but then confirmed the Clear All option would be returning.