Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Microsoft Expands Digital Gift Giving to PC Games

No Caption Provided Microsoft expands Xbox One digital game gifting, adds PC games as well
Cecil Davis | 13 May, 2018, 01:43

Larry "MajorNelson" Hyrb, Xbox Live Director announced the new update that affects all Windows 10 PC and Xbox One games purchased through the Microsoft Store. In addition, all Xbox One games available in the Microsoft Store are now eligible for gift giving as well.

The gift is then given to the recipient as a redeem code that can be redeemed instantly on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. It was initially only possible on PC as consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One were lacking this now-essential feature used by many gamers. Enter the email address and click Next and keep following the prompts to pay for the game.

There are a few limits on gifting worth noting. Similar to Steam, recipients can only redeem gifts in the country or region where they were purchased. On Xbox One, you can choose a Gamertag from your list of Xbox Live friends. The buying of discount games is available for two discounted products and a total of 10 discounted products every 14 days.

And after celebrating a hugely successful year for the Xbox brand, Microsoft said that the upcoming conference would be "filled with new games".

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Microsoft's laggard pace isn't surprising, though. Many high-profile PC launches have suffered from download issues. Trying to hook up with pals to play Sea of Thieves over the past weeks revealed that the Xbox app on PC is a buggy, laggy mess-a frustrating experience when you're trying to get a group together, and a damned shame when the Friend interface on Xbox One works just fine.

Microsoft asks that players give feedback on the new system, including features they'd like to see, but for now it looks promising for you benevolent souls out there.

That does seem like an bad lot of roadblocks for this feature, but at least you can grab stuff for your friends without resorting to gift cards or store deals. Seven months on, and Microsoft is expanding gifting even further.