Thursday, 17 January, 2019

New Interesting Android P Features

Google is announcing a ton of new products right now — here's everything Google has unveiled so far Google Assistant adds digital subscriptions and more ways to engage with Actions
Sandy Nunez | 10 May, 2018, 06:43

Google Assistant, the company's virtual assistant, was no exception, getting a big bell that drew lots of whistles about its conversational capabilities, as well as some new smart home controls. Google also put the spotlight on bringing 6 new voices for assistant using wavenet, including one from singer John Legend. Google says it's still figuring out how to be upfront and let businesses know that they are talking to a computer.

This new Adaptive Battery works with the advanced machine learning technology.

Google Photos, according to the company, will get a few AI tricks with a new option called "Suggested Actions".

I want this technology to work, its potentially transformative for the use of our time and would have plenty of applications both in our personal and professional lives, but don't expect it on your device any time soon.

It was in the month of March this year when the Android P was rolled out to the developers.

App Actions - going one step further than just offering you the top 5 apps you are most likely to use in this very moment, App Actions will display shortcuts of actions within apps that you are most likely to be performing during this time of day and your current location.

System of a Down's Serj Tankian Joins Armenia Opposition Rally
At first, his quest to overthrow the government whose leaders have ruled Armenia since the 1990s felt quixotic. Pashinian has threatened to stage another general strike if the HHK fails to vote for his candidacy on May 8.

"The Assistant can then give you confirmation that your appointment has been booked for you".

To encourage children to maintain manners when using Google Assistant, the AI will also now compliment those who say "please" when making a request. Now you can explore the wide variety of new features that Android P has to offer.

For Google News app users, there is a new "For You" section that will be available with a briefing of five stories that Google News organises for you.

Next up we have a new smart text selection feature (above) that can be used in a number of different situations. Google calls the project Duplex, and with it, you can tell the Assistant to contact a restaurant, for example, and make a reservation for you over the phone. As Google was quick to point out, it's not as simple as it might sound - the Assistant has to be able to understand syntax to properly answer questions, and often times this is trickier than simply separating two phrases on either side of the word "and". Imagine being able to carry your Android TV device around with you pretty much like a Chromecast. As reported earlier, Google was set to revamp News and at the event it affirmed that Google considers "quality journalism" its responsibility and intends on investing 300 million dollar in the next 3 years to partner with and help improve the news industry.

The driving tab provides you with a summary of traffic information for the area including possible delays that might add time onto a commute. The search engine company has started rolling out the update, and it should be available to everyone in 127 countries on iOS, Android, and desktop the following week.