Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Nigerian Mother Sues United Airlines for Kicking Her, Children Out of Plane

Queen Obioma said in her suit that she and her two children were kicked off a United flight in March 2016 after a passenger complained that she smelled'pungent United Airlines sued by Nigerian passenger booted for 'pungent' odor, claiming racial discrimination
Ginger Lawrence | 14 May, 2018, 09:27

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A Nigerian woman, Queen Obioma, has filed a suit against United Airlines after she and her children were kicked out of a plane following complaints from a white man that he could not fly with her because of her body odour.

Obioma said she got the attention of a flight attendant who asked the man to move, but he refused. Even though Obioma had been assigned that seat, the passenger refused to move.

Upon returning to her seat, she says the passenger then blocked her entrance to the seat.

It was after she had sat down that a crew member told her to go outside the aircraft, and another United employee told her she was getting kicked out of the plane.

She said the employee told her that she would not be allowed to continue on the flight to San Francisco.

When Obioma finally squeezed her way to her seat, United Airlines staff, identified as Russel the court documents, ordered Obioma out of the aircraft where another United agent informed her that the pilot requested she exit as the man causing trouble complained of her "pungent" smell.

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The flight was the second leg of a three-part flight from Lagos, Nigeria, to Ontario, Canada.

Obioma said she was distraught and informed personnel that her two children were still on the flight.

According to the lawsuit filed against the airline, "United Airlines discriminated against Obioma and her children during the incident on March 4, 2016 at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston because they were black".

After Obioma used the bathroom before the plane took off, the man refused to let her occupy her seat when she returned. In the complaint, she mentions that how her children marched out of the plane like criminals, and how humiliating it was for her.

Obioma had her children removed from the flight, and the family waited for five hours before they could get on another flight.

"We have not yet been served on this specific lawsuit and thanks to this pending litigation involved within this thing, we're powerless to offer additional comment", spokesman for the airline stated, at a e-mailed statement.

Obioma is seeking punitive damages of an unspecified amount and legal fees from the airline.