Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Pope Francis condemns Gaza killings, says Mideast needs justice, peace

Pope 'making history' with Chile abuse summit Pope Tells Chilean Bishops: Serve Christ in Victims of Abuse
Deanna Wagner | 17 May, 2018, 03:37

The pope stopped to greet this group from Ausonia, Argentina.

Francis explained that in the early years of the Church, baptism was also called "illumination", and the newly baptized were called the "illuminated", following Jesus words that he is "the Light of the World; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life". "I was 22 years old".

"The white garment, as it symbolically expresses what happens in the sacrament, proclaims the condition of those transfigured in divine glory", signifying a new life in Christ, he said.

Children have a right to be brought up in the Christian faith, Pope Francis said.

The pope expressed his pain and concern about the current wars.

Last month, Pope Francis summoned the bishops to Rome following an in-depth investigation into abuse cover-up by the Church in Chile, which resulted in a 2,300-page report on the investigation's conclusions. "Might the lord give the grace to all of us to have the ability to take our depart this manner, with this spirit and power", he stated.

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Pope Francis met with the Chilean bishops yesterday afternoon before meetings again today and tomorrow.

Speaking at the end of the audience, the Holy Father said: "I am very concerned at the escalation of tension in the Holy Land and in the Middle East, and the spiral of violence that is moving away further from the path of peace, dialogue and negotiation".

Pope Francis Wednesday invited "all the parties involved and the worldwide community to renew their commitment so that dialogue, justice and peace prevail".

Pope Francis has warned that the latest outbreak of violence on the Gaza border is only hurting chances of peace in the Middle East, saying "war begets war".

Francis, who visited Israel and Palestinian territories in 2014, asked both sides and the worldwide community to redouble efforts "so that dialogue, justice and peace prevail".