Friday, 24 May, 2019

Shooting death of Pa. suspended school teacher ruled a homicide

Rachael Del Tondo reportedly was suspended from her teaching job at Pa. Cyber after confidential information allegedly leaked from the Aliquippa Police concerning her and a former student Rachael DelTondo, 32-Year-Old Teacher Fatally Shot in Aliquippa
Deanna Wagner | 16 May, 2018, 09:26

A Pennsylvania teacher was gunned down on Mother's Day just months after being suspended from her job following a leaked police report stating that officers had found her in a steamed-up parked auto with a 17-year-old boy, reports the Daily Mail. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police investigators say they'll take all the time they need to find and convict the killer of Rachael DelTondo.

The suspension came after school officials received an anonymous email containing a February 2016 police report stating DelTondo had been found in a parked auto with a 17-year-old former student.

Rachael DelTondo, an Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, school teacher, had just returned to her mother's home Sunday night after getting ice cream. They noted that "the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running".

'I don't know why that happened.

DelTondo reportedly told officers at the time that she was talking with a 'former student'. When qeustioned by the officer, Deltondo claimed that she was just friends with the student and that they were only talking; police added that she claimed she was only talking with the teen because "he was upset and needed someone to talk to".

No charges were filed against DelTondo over the incident, but the school became aware of the incident after being sent an anonymous email over the story this past October.

The incident report named the teen and it was confirmed that he was not registered at the charter school.

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The email included the police report and a note that DelTondo and the teen had a "relationship" over text messages and Snapchat messages.

The school announced they were suspending her the following month. Childline is part of a mandated statewide child protective services program, which transmits information to appropriate investigative agencies.

The leak prompted a state police investigation of the Aliquippa Police - which DelTondo complied with. We have no additional information beyond what is being reported by local media.

The police have launched a full homicide investigation.

Brian Hayden, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, said he was "saddened" by the death.

But the wedding was called off unexpectedly - a few months after DelTondo was caught with the teen, but before the report was made public. While her attorney reportedly advised her not to speak in detail regarding the incident, the suspended teacher did tell the media outlet she received death threats following the leak, which she said were reported to Aliquippa authorities. We express our sympathy to her family, friends, and co-workers. Her engagement was subsequently broken off due to the incident, reports KDKA.

Last year, DelTondo was featured on a Get Marty report in a dispute over her custom wedding dress. It was handmade by a NY designer and required a non-refundable $4,000 deposit.

DelTondo reportedly contacted the bridal shop to tell them that she wanted to pay off the balance on the dress for resale, but she allegedly never received the dress. Their wedding was canceled a few months after she was found in the vehicle with the student, but before her name was made public.