Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Sony E3 2018: The dates and big-name games you need to know

Sony's E3 Conference Will Be “Taking A Different Angle” E3 2018: Sony to focus on Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima
Sandy Nunez | 12 May, 2018, 09:00

E3 2017 was a quiet year for Sony as the company only showed trailers for already announced games rather than show us anything truly new and exciting.

Additionally, you will see more announcements from third-party publishers and indie devs for titles on PS4 and PlayStation VR, leaving us to believe that any other first-party title from Sony's Worldwide Studios will be skipped at E3 2018.

Just don't expect a PlayStation 5 announcement.but we could see Sony's interesting Project FIELD card-game peripheral at some point.

Moreover, the PlayStation's Worldwide Studios will be at E3 in "full force" to provide you with a look at four upcoming exclusive PS4 titles.

This year, Nintendo has only confirmed that it will be presenting more on the new Super Smash Bros. for the Switch, with the Japanese gaming giant's other announcements remaining a mystery. How necessary will The Last of Us Part II be after Naughty Dog provided one of the greatest narrative journeys of the medium with the original?

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Sony's press conference this year will be on 11th June at 6PM PDT - that's 12th June at 2AM in the United Kingdom - and thankfully they're changing tack. "And we're taking kind of a different angle on how we're bringing it out".

For Death Stranding, Layden said Sony has a "complete new report for everybody about what is happening around that title", while Ghost of Tsushima will also have a "deep dive".

What are you hoping to see from the four games Sony plans to show off at their PlayStation Showcase? PlayStation's E3 2018 showcase will once again take place in Los Angeles, California prior to the opening on E3 between June 12-14.

We are one month away from E3 2018 and things are starting to heat up.

Those of you in the United Kingdom will be pleased to hear that's 2am in the morning (joy).