Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Southwest pilots forced to use hand signals on window blast flight

President Trump congratulates Southwest Airlines Captain Tammie Jo Schults for landing a plane in dangerous conditions Image Donald Trump congratulated the Southwest captain for landing the plane
Ginger Lawrence | 11 May, 2018, 04:02

Authorities say a fan blade on the left engine broke off, tearing the engine apart and blowing out a window.

In audio that later emerged, Shults, who has been hailed as a hero, is heard telling air traffic control that there were "injured passengers".

She said: "If you can possibly imagine going through the window of an airplane at about 600 miles an hour and hitting either the fuselage or the wing with your body-with your face-then I think I can probably tell you there was significant trauma", she told reporters shortly after it happened.

PHOTO:Southwest Airlines copilot Darren Ellisor. "Was there some of that fear?"

Hollie Mackey, who sat in the same row, told People magazine she tried to pull Ms Riordan back into the plane. The engine failure came 20 minutes after they were in the air.

Riordan was a mother and bank vice president of community relations from New Mexico.

Eillsor and Shults told their families about the flight, and while Ellisor's wife expressed concern, Shults said she received a lighthearted response from her son, Marshall. They would soon become legends together. "And it worked well", Shults said.

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"Everything was exactly the way it's supposed to be, just rolling down the runway and when you get to a certain speed, you take off", Ellisor said.

"The seizure of the aircraft would not cause a rapid decompression, so we knew that something extraordinary had happened pretty quickly", Captain Shults said. "And, there was, it was just hard to communicate for a lot of different reasons".

"We all feel we were simply doing our jobs", they said in a statement posted on the airline's social media pages. "But getting down to richer oxygen was certainly an important task".

The hour also includes interviews with Tammie Jo's friend Robert Bruce, who operates the airfield where Tammie Jo and her husband keep a plane, and Linda Maloney, who profiled Tammie Jo in her 2011 book, "Military Fly Moms".

"Darren handled it beautifully and not trying to force the aircraft to stay on altitude", Shults said. "And it was a bit of a rough shudder until we slowed it down a little bit".

Tammie Jo Shults was the captain on the flight. And we had to use hand signals because it was loud.

But because of what one passenger called Shults' "nerves of steel", the plane landed safely in Philadelphia and no other passengers were hurt.