Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

The funeral of Stephen Hawking invited time travelers

Stephen Hawking's Family Invite Time Travellers For His Memorial Service Time travellers welcome to Stephen Hawking's memorial service
Sandy Nunez | 14 May, 2018, 13:11

Science lovers worldwide were devastated by the news of physicist Stephen Hawking's death in March.

"No one came, but it seems ideal that now the reminder service's website will be able to assist people born in the future".

His ashes will be interred at noon on Friday, June 15 at Westminster Abbey.

To pay tribute to the legendary theoretical physicist, scientists are now conducting an experiment on time travel where they are inviting time travellers from the future to attend the June memorial service for Stephen Hawking which will also feature almost thousand people from the present world. In order to get an invite, people will have to sign up for the event on a public ballot put out by The Stephen Hawking Foundation, though only 1,000 will be selected.

London travel blogger IanVisits was the first to notice that anyone born between 2019 to 2038 were also able to select their birthday on the application, and thus go into the running to attend.

A spokesman for the foundation told the BBC that while applicants appear - so far - to be from the present day, 'we can not exclude the possibility of time travel as it has not been disproven to our satisfaction.

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Prof Hawking's foundation said the possibility of time travel had not been disproven and could not be excluded.

'All things are possible until proven otherwise'.

Sarah Bridle, a professor of Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, told BBC Radio that Hawking, who was confined to a wheelchair for most of his life, had remained curious about the potential for time travel, even after his party in 2009. The catch? He sent the invitations after the party occurred since it was for time travelers. He said he hoped copies of the invitation would last for thousands of years so that one day somebody might figure it out and eventually show up in their time machine.

"However, it is likely that warping would trigger a bolt of radiation that would destroy the spaceship and maybe the space-time itself". In 2009, he held a party and invited them to see if they would attend. No one turned up ... But you better be quick, as it closes tomorrow, May 15 - unless you are a time traveller, of course.

If you want to be included in the ballot, you can register your details here.