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When Is Solo Set In The Star Wars Timeline?

Following 'Star Wars': From 'Phantom Menace' to 'The Last Jedi' Jake Lloyd portrays Anakin Skywalker a young Darth Vader in this ad for"Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
Adrian Cunningham | 17 May, 2018, 03:08

The initial reviews of Solo: A Star Wars Story are out and if they prove one thing, it is that Donald Glover is the new king of pop culture.

Stars Wars: The Last Jedi - 91%. However, this story also focuses on those in the grey areas looking to make a quick buck. For that matter, it's hard to care about anyone in Solo who isn't Han, Chewie or Lando.

The review adds: "Solo: A Star Wars Story moreover has a glorious origin myth meet-cute to set up one of cinema's greatest bromances: the stoic wookiee Chewbacca and the insolently handsome freebooting rebel pilot Han Solo - and Alden Ehrenreich absolutely crushes the role to powder, swaggeringly reviving the memory of the young Harrison Ford's romantic gallantry".

Their friendship blossoms quickly and Solo: A Star Wars Story begins to look like a bit of a bromance.

Ultimately, Solo: A Star Wars Story depends on - and just manages to work as an escapist romp because of - its legacy characters. Rush director Ron Howard was assigned to take over the reins and it was rumoured that he had to reshoot the almost complete movie to align with the studio's vision.

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It's not Dryden Vos, but someone else whose presence looms large throughout the entirety of the Star Wars lore and storyline.

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Clarke would know, having played a number of characters in television and movies that the press often defines as "strong female characters".

Though don't you be thinking this is the last you'll see of our old pals Han and Chewie, as Kennedy also teased more Han Solo movies. The Kessel Run actually felt like something that needed to be dramatised, and Ron Howard does a really good job of making it a truly legendary mission. This is best represented by L3 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), Lando's impassioned droid who has ideas far above that of a normal robot.

The father-son writing team of Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan harness some of the spirit that defines the Star wars universe to give this film a zingy ring that holds up pretty well after a rather slow start. I knew a lot about it from episodes of Muppet Babies and just general zeitgeist osmosis, but seeing the adventures of Luke Skywalker writ medium on our 27 inch tube TV sparked daydreams and later action figure scenarios for years. Woody Harrelson is the legendary career criminal Tobias Beckett, a charming and duplicitous sort who warns Han to never trust anyone, ever. But critic Jim Vejvoda said it "offers enough pulpy fun and galaxy far, far away entertainment value to diminish any bad feeling one may have had about it heading into release". "And somehow Han Solo - the roguish Star Wars hellion famous for breaking all the rules - finds himself in a feel-good movie that doesn't break any".