Thursday, 17 January, 2019

White House Axes Top Cybersecurity Role, Strengthens Agency CIOs

White House Eliminates A Top Cybersecurity Post White House reportedly eliminates top cybersecurity role
Deanna Wagner | 17 May, 2018, 04:49

House Democrats on Tuesday introduced legislation to codify a top cybersecurity position at the White House following national security adviser John Bolton's decision to eliminate the role.

The functions of the cyber coordinator apparently are being absorbed by the National Security Council staff. Critics urged the president to appoint a successor, but the NSC email says scratching the position eliminates a layer of bureaucracy.

The email, sent by Bolton's aide Christine Samuelian, reads: "The role of cyber coordinator will end". "There is a lack of discipline and finality in the government when it comes to tackling the cyber crises that we're facing on a global scale, so choosing not to fill the role previously held by Rob Joyce would only weaken the nation's cybersecurity posture", he notes.

"A cohesive and comprehensive cybersecurity strategy across all agencies within the federal government can only be accomplished when there is one office specifically tasked with coordination", said Elizabeth Hyman, executive vice president of advocacy for CompTIA.

Politico was first to report on Bolton's elimination of the cybersecurity coordinator position.

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In a statement, Langevin lamented Bolton's move as "enormous step backwards" that de-emphasized "the importance of this growing domain within the White House".

The White House didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. We also need to articulate a clear cyber doctrine.

"I don't see how getting rid of the top cyber official in the White House does anything to make our country safer from cyber threats", Senate Intelligence ranking member Mark Warner (D-Va.) tweeted Tuesday.

Bolton's decision to slash the cyber coordinator position is especially curious considering the timing. Forming a cohesive cyber defense strategy has become almost impossible as hundreds of departments report into a siloed set of decision makers.

"[Bolton's] rhetoric here is putting any sense of balance we have here at risk", former Air Force cyber officer and Dragos Security co-founder Robert Lee said in April. He added the Trump administration had mostly followed in the footsteps of the Obama administration before this move.