Saturday, 20 July, 2019

YouTube for Android testing new Incognito mode for private viewing

Image credit – Android Police Image credit – Android Police
Cecil Davis | 16 May, 2018, 11:04

No further information has been released by YouTube as to when the feature might be released or its detailed functions. According to the screenshot, YouTube's Incognito won't keep track of your history, but your service provider or employer may be able to see what you're looking at. The mode will let you use YouTube without getting your activities of a particular session saved.

Secondly, for many years, YouTube has had a History & Privacy setting which will pause recording your viewing and search history. Users have complained about this issue and requested an incognito mode to avoid it; by using this mode, any videos watched wouldn't influence recommended videos.

The YouTube TV "Voice Remote" feature allows users to talk to the app to perform certain actions on their Android devices without the need to touch the display. Like Google Chrome, YouTube appears to be adding an incognito mode for that exact goal. Although it comes back when you enable the app from its Play Store listing, the problem again rears its ugly head after sometime.

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Which of your favourite apps will benefit from the addition of an incognito mode? Besides, your profile avatar will also be replaced with the Incognito icon.

Android Police has posted screenshots of an easy-to-find option to "Turn on Incognito" within the account settings in the YouTube app. Since it is a server side update, the users will be informed when the voice remote will be available on their Android device. You'll see a popup in the app alerting you to the presence of voice remote when it's available on your account.