Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Zuckerberg to heading to European Union next Tuesday

Zuckerberg accepts EU parliament grilling over data scandal Zuckerberg accepts EU parliament grilling over data scandal  17 May 2018- 20:16
Deanna Wagner | 18 May, 2018, 15:34

They locked the data with a unique username and password, but the students later posted their login credentials online which exposed their data to anyone who made a quick web search to look for the username and passwords. This data was originally collected via a Facebook quiz app called "myPersonality". This led the website to be vulnerable in excess for four years.

It is a "snub to the United Kingdom and the millions of Facebook users in the United Kingdom who deserve answers", the tweet read. Vetr raised Facebook from a "buy" rating to a "strong-buy" rating and set a $209.16 price objective for the company in a research note on Thursday, January 25th.

More than 6 million people completed the quiz to get their results on myPersonality. The parliament will be interested in questioning Zuckerberg - who has already appeared before the US Congress - on what his company intends to do to come into line with the new rules. This data, along with quiz answers, were anonymised by the University of Cambridge academics and then placed on a website. The terms allowed the myPersonality team to use and distribute the data "in an anonymous manner such that the information can not be traced back to the individual user". Researchers could register to collaborate on the myPersonality project and gain access to the anonymised data on the website.

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"It is disappointing that a company with the resources of Facebook chooses not to provide a sufficient level of detail and transparency on various points including on Cambridge Analytica, dark ads, Facebook Connect, the amount spent by Russian Federation on United Kingdom ads on the platform, data collection across the web, budgets for investigations, and that shows general discrepancies between Schroepfer and Zuckerberg's respective testimonies", committee chair and Conservative MP Damian Collins said in a statement. "We would like the session here to take place by 24 May". "We will keep you updated on our progress". Archibong said in a blog post that the company will further investigate all the apps and Facebook also plans to notify users of how exactly their data was infected if any evidence of abuse is found. The myPersonality app was developed as part of the "myPersonality project" run by academics at the University of Cambridge's The Psychometrics Centre.

The revelations that the data of some 87 million Facebook users and their friends may have been misused by the consulting firm that worked on Donald Trump's U.S. presidential campaign, has been called a game changer in the world of data protection as regulators seek to raise awareness about how to secure information.