Friday, 19 April, 2019

Apple to debut phone-to-phone augmented reality

Apple won't announce new hardware at WWDC, rumor says - news WWDC 2018 Not To Feature Any Major Hardware Announcements
Cecil Davis | 04 June, 2018, 13:59

Also, the evolution of entire Apple ecosystem will be reviled, which is undoubtedly one of the most important topics. The Dashboard will display the amount of time a user spends on their phone, the number of notifications they've received and the number of times they've unlocked their phone.

Many also expect Apple will more forcefully enter the debate into digital health and questions of what responsibilities it bears to keep people from using their phones too much. On top of that, Apple could refresh the MacBook Pro lineup with newer processors too, like it did a year ago. There are now 40 such Apple products available, 33% more than Apple offered five years ago.

Apple will next week debut tools to let two iPhone users share augmented reality while limiting the personal data sent to its servers, two people familiar with the matter said this week. There's also an easy way to tune into the event on your telly by downloading the specific Apple Events app to your living room's centerpiece.

IOS 12 will finally allow iPhones and Apple Watches to work with NFC-enabled transit systems, ID systems, auto doors, and more.

The report says we'll also see version 2.0 of Apple's ARKit augmented reality tools, which will be ideal for multiplayer gaming as it can save and share the location of augmented reality objects and users.

Guatemala's Fuego volcano claims lives in deadly eruption today
The stratovolcano - a volcano built from layers of ash and lava - "has erupted on and off for centuries", according to the U.S. At least 3,100 people had evacuated, while the nearby areas are host to some 1.7 million people, CBS News reported.

Elsewhere, while a new Apple Watch model is unlikely, popular suggestions for what Apple might unveil for WatchOS 5 include the addition of Spotify, new fitness features and a native Podcasts app. Expect to see Apple announce improvements and new functionality for Siri.

There's no official word yet, but iOS 11 - the current operating system - runs on all iPhones from the 5S onwards, iPads after the iPad Air and the 6th-gen iPod touch.

The event, which will open with a keynote from Apple chief executive Tim Cook, is also expected to feature a first look at new versions of software that power the Apple Watch, its Mac computer line and Apple TV. With disappointing sales figures since HomePod was released February 9, Apple may be looking at broadening the range to appeal to more price-conscious consumers.

Apple WWDC keynote event 2018: iOS 12 to macOS, everything that is expected. This could well be Apple's way to distract users from their own scandal which saw them accused of slowing down their older generation iPhones with new firmware so as to force users to buy newer devices.