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By Law, Trump Must Discuss Human Rights with Kim

US President Donald Trump described the talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as a SUSAN WALSH AP US President Donald Trump described the talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as a"friendly negotiation
Deanna Wagner | 10 June, 2018, 07:26

"They've relied historically on their nuclear program to provide their security, and what we're asking them to do is to stand that on its head, to understand that it's actually the possession of those nuclear weapons that create the greatest risk to North Korea", Pompeo told Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong-based broadcaster.

A different cargo plane which accompanied Kim Jong Un on his recent visit to China also departed Pyongyang and was likely headed for Singapore on Sunday, ahead of Kim's summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The leaders meet on Tuesday on the resort island of Sentosa and talks are expected to centre on ending the North's nuclear weapons and missiles programmes in return for diplomatic and economic incentives.

"So we're going in with a very positive spirit", Trump said, before misidentifying the site of the meeting.

"And so not only Japan, but South Korea, China - I imagine many nations will want to participate in the North Korean economy if we are successful in Singapore", he said.

Coming three years after Singapore hosted the 2015 meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and then Taiwanese leader Ma Ying-jeou, the Trump-Kim summit is seen as further burnishing Singapore's credentials as a neutral nation on par with Switzerland.

"I am not overly surprised, to be honest, that they aren't talking about Trump, given that they have spent the previous year and a half trashing him on a daily basis", said Ward.

How long will it take to figure out whether or not they're serious. "I think I'll also know whether it will happen fast". "It may not. [But] if I think it won't happen, I'm not going to waste my time and I don't to waste his", he said.

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"I think that he's going to surprise on the upside", Trump said, adding that it "may not work out".

"What has been done before hasn't worked", Trump said, accusing "haters" of saying he was gifting Kim the meeting. "I look forward to meeting him and have a feeling that this one-time opportunity will not be wasted!"

But if you are looking for greater details into what the North Korean leader may offer in Singapore or what messages he could seek to convey to President Trump, the North Korean state media will offer little help.

He shot down claims that he was conceding to Jong-un's dictatorship by granting him a meeting and said it had cost the U.S. "nothing" in negotiations so far.

"The recent talks are indeed historical as we've never seen a U.S. president in office meet with any North Korean leaders". In my meetings with North Korea's foreign ministry, its officials have repeatedly emphasized that only a leader-to-leader dialogue could break the nuclear impasse.

Before Trump became president, Rodman appeared twice on his "Celebrity Apprentice" show and praised the billionaire real estate developer on Twitter during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Kristof says that a diplomat once told him, "the job of leaders at a summit is to pull rabbits out of hats, and the job of the Sherpas preparing for the summit is to stuff the hats with the rabbits - and there isn't really time for that". Pyongyang's ICBMs have the range to hit the U.S.