Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Domino’s Is Filling Potholes With ‘Paving For Pizza’ Program

Screenshot from the Paving for Pizza website. 4 towns have already benefited from this initiative. Screenshot from Screenshot from the Paving for Pizza website. 4 towns have already benefited from this initiative. Screenshot from
Ginger Lawrence | 13 June, 2018, 02:39

Domino's Pizza (now just Domino's) started here in MI in the 1960s, when the state was the center of the automotive universe.

The company launched a website that shows us what it's like to be a poor poor Domino's on a bumpy bumpy road.

Why? To reduce pizza "pizza jostling" and "irreversible damage to your pizza on the ride home", the company says. So if you've got a pothole outside your house it might be worth dropping them a line, aso long as you live on a picturesque avenue that will look good on an advert.

Domino's is offering to fill "cracks, bumps and potholes" to smooth road conditions.

In a press release announcing the initiative, Domino's United States of America president Russell Weiner said the road fix work would make customers feel more secure in picking up their pizza.

The company has repaired potholes in cities across the country, including 40 potholes in Milford, Delaware. Protecting pizza sanctity, McCormick added, can only truly be achieved through "a true bold stake in the ground" such as road fix.

The company is launching a new campaign to make sure your pizza makes it to your doorstep in flawless condition.

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Domino's has kicked off the campaign by repairing roads in Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Delaware; Athens, Georgia; and Burbank, California.

We'll skip the debate on the "great-tasting pizza" comment and note that the initiative is called Paving For Pizza, and Domino's says in a release that it fixed 200 potholes across four municipalities.

People can nominate their town and Domino's will work with the local government bodies on the repairs.

The pizza chain announced the combination infrastructure project and publicity stunt on Monday.

Of course, Domino's does paint its logo on every fix after it is completed. Actually, that last part would be rather cool.

So no pothole repairs for us, but at least we get those sweet puns.