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Drake 'I'm Upset' video features 'Degrassi' reunion

Adrian Cunningham | 15 June, 2018, 01:07

The Blast spoke with Mike Lobel, who portrayed everyone's favorite redeemed bully, Jay Hogart, and he claims his old pal Drake (AKA Jimmy Brooks) just forgot. If you were a fan of the show, you know that these characters have dealt with a lot during their high school years, but now we finally get to see the Degrassi crew cut loose as adults.

In the video for his latest single "I'm Upset", the rapper looks to being anything but, staging an epic Degrassi reunion, the Canadian teen drama that he starred on before his music career took off.

The video begins with Drake waking up in a bed that's set up in the middle of the Raptors court at Air Canada Centre.

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He meets up with Gavin "Spinner" Mason (Shane Kippel), and from there it's a full-on walk down memory lane, as we encounter the class of 2007.

As the party kicks into fifth gear and the booze starts flowing, tensions begin to rise in typical Degrassi fashion. They will all dance, drink, Drake will take selfies with various attractive females, but then the party will go a bit out of hand when the heavy drinking causes fights, puking, and cringey hook-up sessions.

Drake also posted on Instagram that his next album, "Scorpion, " would be released June 29. Not only is the song one you'll hear all summer, the Degrassi: The Next Generation cast reunited and had us all feeling some kind of way.