Monday, 27 May, 2019

Facebook Reportedly Shared Friend Data with Companies Long After Promising to Stop

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook let select companies have “special access” to user data, per report
Cecil Davis | 10 June, 2018, 05:21

Internally called "whitelists", these secretive deals "allowed certain companies to access additional information about a user's Facebook friends", the Journal reported, citing court documents and anonymous Facebook officials. Facebook admitted sharing users' data with Chinese company Huawei - facing the heat in the USA over data privacy concerns - along with three other China-based smartphone makers Lenovo, OPPO and TCL.

Numerous companies, including the Royal Bank of Canada and Nissan Motor Company, apparently maintained such deals.

After Facebook employees discovered the bug, the company went back and changed the privacy settings for all posts shared by those 14 million users during that time. The company believes the previously unreported extensions with a select group of companies is consistent with previous statements that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made, including in testimony to Congress, about shielding its 2.2 billion users' personal information from third parties since 2015.

A Facebook spokesperson said the notification is the start of new proactive and transparent way for the company to handle issues going forward.

Less than three months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted, it appears Facebook is doing the very thing that first landed it in hot water: sharing user data with other companies.

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Facebook recently has disclosed it has been sharing its users' information with about 60 device makers, including Facebook and Samsung.

They'll see a message from Facebook urging users to "Please Review Your Posts" and a link to a list of what they shared on Facebook while the bug was active. The data-sharing partnerships were with device makers Lenovo, Oppo, TCL, and Huawei.

"Disclosure of the deals punctures a hole in the picture Facebook has tried to paint as a suddenly user-friendly, privacy-minded company after 2014-not that anyone was buying that image anyway", Dellinger wrote.

Facebook has continued gaining users since news of the Cambridge Analytica debacle broke, according to Zuckerberg, and so far there has been no evidence that advertisers are abandoning the social network.