Wednesday, 19 June, 2019

House GOP Makes Tentative Immigration Agreement, According to Rep. Jeff Denham

ImageRepresentative Kevin McCarthy the majority leader and Speaker Paul D. Ryan ImageRepresentative Kevin McCarthy the majority leader and Speaker Paul D. Ryan
Deanna Wagner | 10 June, 2018, 19:02

Democrats had hoped that the "jungle primary" held on Tuesday in California and its 53 Congressional districts might keep Republicans off the ballot in the 14 seats they now hold, but that hope did not pan out, as Republicans placed in the top two finishers who qualify for the November ballot in all of those districts. Every candidate for Congress and partisan state office appears on a single primary ballot, and only the two candidates who poll first and second in the primary are permitted to run in November.

Roby will advance to a July 17 runoff election against Bobby Bright - a former Democratic congressman who is now running as a Republican - given that she did not earn at least 50 % of the votes on Tuesday.

Kamarck said that although Democrats in the most prominent anti-Trump state in the country would be expected to fare well, the "jungle" format of the election could create chaos. Such apparent apathy in the huge, very blue county hurts Democratic candidates' chances statewide and in hard-fought congressional and state legislative districts. And it remains that way as the November race begins between Rep. Steve Knight, R-Santa Clarita, who got 52.8 percent in the primary, and Democrat Katie Hill, who got 20.2 percent to edge out 2016 Democratic candidate Bryan Caforio, who had 18.3 percent. Candidates from both parties are grouped together in the same primary, and the top two vote-earners advance to the general election.

Republicans did not manage to shut Democrats out of any competitive congressional races-despite the Democrats' own worries about that-boosting the latter's hopes of regaining control of the House in November. According to NBC, Trump's approval has been inching up among Trump voters, Republicans, rural voters and whites.

So now what for the California GOP? "In California Republican politics, that's about all you can consider a victory at this point".

Helen Kalla, spokeswoman for the Nevada Democrats, said the party's strong early voting numbers show enthusiasm from its members.

"They'll be coming out wounded and cash-strapped", Broom said of the candidate who wins the Democratic nod for the gubernatorial general election.

Republicans, as the party in power now, have bigger challenges. The lack of an "R" next to his name may have helped.

Controversial rules for Aramco London listing approved
This package recognises that the previous regime did not always work for these companies or their investors", Bailey said. However, the Institute of Directors said it was "deeply disappointed", calling the move "a reduction in standards".

"This was their offer to us and it's something we can agree to, but not until we see it on paper", Denham said. The RNC doesn't take sides in the primary but has been focused on voter registration, turnout and data-building, Broom said. If they get them by next Tuesday, the House would be on track to have those roll calls on June 25. Still, a majority, 60 percent, says North Korea won't let go of its nukes. In his speech on election night, Newsom described Cox as "a foot soldier in Trump's war on California". That's a significant increase from recent years.

Okay. But why do voters think he's doing a good job or a bad job?

It also provides Republicans with a political game plan for the months ahead. Or, even if it did, that it would then clear the Senate, where bipartisan support would be required.

Each side has met somewhat in the middle, with conservatives floating the idea of a merit-based point system for green cards that DACA recipients could participate in and moderates willing to give in on most of the other conservative priorities.

Later Thursday, Republicans suggested a deal could be in the works, but that the revolt against the GOP leadership would only subside once a compromise is in writing.

U.S. President Donald Trump (R) and Vice President Mike Pence visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency Headquarters and attend a 2018 Hurricane Briefing in Washington, DC, on June 6, 2018.

The moderate Republicans leading the charge for a last-ditch agreement for young undocumented immigrants said GOP leaders have until Tuesday to find a deal that can placate the conference, or they'll join forces with Democrats to force a floor vote on a bill along the lines of the DREAM Act.