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How the Hill Reacted to the Trump-Kim Summit

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Deanna Wagner | 14 June, 2018, 05:45

Donald Trump left this week's summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un having granted a huge last-minute concession: promising to stop what he called "war games" with South Korea.

President Donald Trump started Wednesday morning by touting his biggest accomplishment in diplomacy with North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un: all but eliminating the threat of nuclear war.

Many lawmakers from both parties, while unready to declare the summit a diplomatic victory or defeat, remained skeptical the USA could successfully negotiate a deal toward peace with Kim - but are letting the process play out.

And after Trump made a fat joke and showed Kim the inside of his limo, they signed their "historish agreement", he said. Trump said he believes his "very good relationship" with Kim brought them to this moment - and added that Kim told him that only Trump could have gotten him to the negotiating table.

And now here we are, talking seriously about not-nuking each other.

But others said it's a great step forward for peace. In 2017, the annual exercise involved 17,500 United States service members, with 3,000 coming from outside South Korea. "Maybe in a year you'll be interviewing and I'll say I made a mistake".

Trump added: "Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea".

The document the two leaders signed did not include details of how and when North Korea would denuclearize, nor did it spell out exactly what "security guarantees" the United States would provide to North Korea.

Last year's talking point was that Trump, with his "fire and fury" talk, was leading the US into a nuclear war with North Korea.

The move - long demanded by Pyongyang - has been seen as a major concession to North Korea and appeared to take USA allies in the region by surprise.

Trump told reporters Tuesday that he trusts Kim, but that North Korea's denuclearization process will be thoroughly vetted and that the U.S.

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Fouzi Lekjaa, president of the Moroccan Royal Football Federation, noted Africa has only ever hosted the World Cup once. The plan is that Canada and Mexico would each host 10 matches, while 60 matches would be played in the United States .

Asked about his having suggested Russian Federation be let back into the G7, Trump said of that meeting, "We spent about 25% of our time talking about Russian Federation".

New Delhi has held that it wouldn't either prune or close its mission in North Korea, resisting USA pressure to slash its diplomatic presence in Pyongyang. -South Korean drills could also erode the effectiveness of the military alliance between Washington and Seoul.

"Why did South Korea and the US form an alliance and stage military drills before the nuclear crisis flared?" He said cancellation of the drills "is really a bad idea ... and (Trump) betrayed our people".

"They're going to get rid of their nuclear weapons", Trump said.

Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, who wrote the sense of the Senate resolution, said he is concerned Trump might try to limit troop numbers on the Korean peninsula, which he warned would play right into China's desires to have an unchallenged presence in the region.

A Chinese plane with Kim on board touched down at Pyongyang International Airport at 7 a.m., according to Korean Central Television and Pyongyang Broadcasting Station (PBS).

Trump held his longest news conference in 15 months in Singapore after his meeting with Kim.

Experts now expect a temporary peace to continue since North Korea has probably won what it wanted from Tuesday's summit and Trump is unlikely to back down from summit deals that he wants to portray as a diplomatic triumph.

Analyst Hong Min at Seoul's Korea Institute for National Unification said critics of the joint statement signed by Trump and Kim are missing a bigger point.

When asked why the words "verifiable" and "irreversible" weren't included in the statement - words that form part of a State Department policy of "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization", or CVID, before lifting sanctions on North Korea - Pompeo said, "I find that question insulting and ridiculous and frankly ludicrous".