Thursday, 20 June, 2019

Mad Max creator unveils open-world shooter Generation Zero

Generation Zero PS4 Play Station 4 1 Generation Zero is Avalanche Studios Next Big Open World Game
Cecil Davis | 10 June, 2018, 13:18

The sandbox world of "Generation Zero" is a vast one created using the Apex engine, with day and night cycles and changing weather that the player won't be able to predict.

Further, it doesn't seem to lack any ambition, despite being a self-published title, aka without the backing of Square Enix or Bethesda like its other projects have had.

Ahead of E3, a new game from the developers behind Just Cause has been announced.

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The game will also utilize a 1980's synth-style soundtrack to bolster its open-world guerrilla combat, taking cues from TV shows like Stranger Things and films like Red Dawn.

In the year 1989, machines have taken over and players will get to explore a huge open-world. In this reimagining of 1980's Sweden, hostile machines have invaded the serene countryside, and you need to fight back while unravelling the mystery of what is really going on.

The mechs are described on the official website as "persistently simulated", meaning that the AI behavior is complex and enemies will be relentless in finding the player. When you manage to destroy a specific enemy component, be it armor, weapons or sensory equipment, the damage is permanent. Players will also be able to fearless Generation Zero's dangers alone or with up to three friends in seamless co-op, and the game will utilize a persistent day/night cycle along with procedurally generated enemy types that will hunt and pursue players with goal. And since the robots are roaming the landscape looking for you, it might not be too long before you run into them again. You'll be able to support downed friends by reviving them and of course, share in the loot once an enemy has been toppled.