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Multi-Million Lottery Winner Shows Up In Emoji Mask To Hide Identity

The lottery winner identified only as N. Gray wore an emoji mask to protect her identity Lottery winner N Gray. SVL Group
Ginger Lawrence | 11 June, 2018, 16:09

Before winning the $1 million (USD) Super Lotto jackpot on May 11, 2018, N. Gray says she was buckling under the weight of massive debt.

Simone Clarke-Cooper, Supreme Ventures Super Lotto assistant vice-president of group corporate communications, said winners were always concealing their identities in the Caribbean country.

Kingston-based gaming and lottery company Supreme Ventures Limited said her mask was chosen by members of the public and was picked from a series of masks including those from hit movies Scream and Ironman.

"Unfortunately, Jamaica is not like other markets".

A Jamaican lottery victor could not stop smiling - and winking - as she bagged just over 180m Jamaican dollars (£1m).

"In other markets, they don't necessarily do it, but here I think they opt to do it to keep themselves safe".

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"This is genius", one wrote, describing her as a "smart woman".

It is reported that before she won, Gray was swimming in debt.

United States of America lotto winners have also begun to urge courts to allow them to hide their identities as they collect their large payouts.

The video of Gray wearing a mask is doing rounds on social media and has reportedly received more than 3,000 likes on Twitter.

Ms Gray revealed to The Gleaner newspaper she was planning to clear her debts and would also build a community centre for young people in her area.

She added: 'I started buying Super Lotto in January... "I would like to construct a community center for the youths in my community, so they can engage in something productive; somewhere where they can do information technology".