Friday, 24 May, 2019

Mum of sculpture-knocking toddler told: You broke it, you own it

Kansas boy topples $100K+ statue, city wants to be reimbursed City tells parents to pay $132,000 after 5-year-old son knocks over sculpture
Adrian Cunningham | 18 June, 2018, 13:14

Several days later, the boy's mom got a letter from the insurance company of the city of Overland Park, which runs the community center, asking for $132,000 in damages.

Video released by the city shows the kids running around, and then shows one of them hugging a glass mosaic torso.

Following the incident, Goodman and her husband received a letter from an insurance company for the city, saying the parents had been negligent for not monitoring their children.

The family had reportedly been visiting the centre for a wedding reception when the accident happened. No plexiglass. Not protected. "There wasn't even a sign around it that said, 'Do not touch'". Or so learned a Kansas couple, who say they may be on the hook for a $132,000 sculpture their young son knocked over.

Goodman says she didn't see the artwork hit the ground, but her son suffered minor injuries when it fell.

"There's a societal responsibility that you may not interact with it if it's not designed for interaction", spokesperson Sean Reilly said. "That's public money. We are responsible to protect the public investment", he continued. At no time does it appear the parent is particularly aware of her son's actions as she allows the boy to roam the area unchecked.

The artist who created the sculpture also wanted a reimbursement.

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'It's clear accidents happen and this was an accident.

"I don't want to diminish the value of their art, but I can't pay for that", Goodman told the paper.

"He probably hugged it", she told the publication.

'The city has a responsibility to file a claim with our insurance company, and we do that any time city property is damaged.

"I think there was a few different parties going on; bridal showers birthday parties", Goodman said.

"He's honestly been having bad dreams every night", she said.

The Goodman family says they are reaching out to another insurance provider for help.