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National Basketball Association title odds hint at LeBron’s next team

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Cary Erickson | 11 June, 2018, 02:42

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It will be interesting to see if any of the tweets from the players will convince LeBron that their team is a good location for not only himself but for his family as well next season. He's broken record after record, and is showing now signs of regression.

Because he punched the blackboard after their Game 1 loss. But even if a team takes the bait and sends a high-level player back to Cleveland, it still might not be enough for James to choose his hometown squad over a more attractive destination. (13) and Bryce (10) were also around for their famous father's four-year run in Miami, while his daughter, Zhuri, isn't even yet 4-years-old.

James also talked about how he wants to continue contending for a championship.

A mass of humanity lined the streets of downtown Cleveland to meet James and the Cavs during their championship parade.

LeBron James had returned from Miami.

The LeBron effect is real.

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So is that the reason why the betting site, and countless others have the Sixers as one of the favorites to win it all next season? Furthermore, employment rate at those establishments increased by 23.5 percent.

Why are we just finding out about it now? The King has a $35.6 million player's option on his contract for next season, and he could opt in before June 30th. And like previous years, his next decision could change the National Basketball Association landscape.

Love's comments came three days after one unnamed Cavaliers veteran told The Athletic's Jason Lloyd there was "no doubt" the Cavs would have won the first three games of the NBA Finals against the Warriors if they still had Irving. "The one thing I've alwayas done is considered, obviously, my family, understanding, especially, where my boys are at this point in their ageg They were a lot younger when I made a decision like this four years ago". They were a teenage boy, pre-teen, a little girl that wasn't around. "So sitting down and considering everything..."

Sheridan is pretty plugged in and he's certainly has the credentials, I just don't know how you can write someone is leaving and have no idea where they're going.

For now, it seems we'll have to wait for a decision.

Love admitted that he'd prefer to be joined by LeBron James, but understands that's a decision yet to be made.

Prior to the game, Marc Stein wrote only "pleading from family" was what it would take for LeBron to stay with the Cavaliers.