Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

'Nobody likes' separating kids from parents at the border, Conway says

Boys in detention at Casa Padre in Brownsville Tex. on Wednesday Boys in detention at Casa Padre in Brownsville Tex. on Wednesday
Cecil Davis | 18 June, 2018, 04:12

"As a mother, as a Catholic, as somebody who has a conscience ..."

"By and large, we are accepting almost all of the referrals that we get from our counterparts at DHS, we continue to work with the federal judiciary on practical solutions to differing caps that they have", CNN quoted a Justice Department official as saying.

A mural of President Trump at Casa Padre, a child detention centre which now houses more than 1400 immigrant boys in federal custody.

Some Trump administration officials have admitted the policy is aimed at deterring would-be undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers from attempting to cross into the USA out of fear that they will be separated from their children.

The policy has drawn condemnation from medical professionals, religious leaders and immigration activists, who warn that some children could suffer lasting psychological trauma. "And so he went to a zero tolerance policy".

"It's zero tolerance. I don't think you have to justify it, ' Bannon told ABC's 'This Week" on Sunday.

"Martin Luther King. he would be proud of what Donald Trump has done for [the] black and Hispanic working class, OK?"

But if parents in the United States are jailed, their children are split from them because the children are not themselves charged with a crime. I mean, I hate to say it, that's the law and he's enforcing the law, ' he said.

In Pennsylvania, Rep. Lou Barletta, the Republican nominee against Democratic Sen.

Meanwhile, protesters marched to a tent city in Tornillo, Texas, holding hundreds of children separated from their parents. King said that her father "was an activist for the civil rights of Black people in America, but he was also an activist for human rights".

In a statement issued by her office, the first lady expressed empathy for affected families, saying the country should be governed "with a heart", but did not directly take issue with President Donald Trump's policy.

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About 2,000 children had been separated from their families over a six-week period ending in May, administration officials said Friday. Karl pushed back on Bannon's claim that Martin Luther King, Jr. would be proud of the effects of Trump's policies on minorities. "And I don't see how you do that without having a suite for every self-described family unit".

Conway rejected the idea that Trump was using the kids as leverage to get Democrats to negotiate on immigration and his border wall.

'The president is ready to get meaningful immigration reform across the board, ' Conway said on 'Meet the Press'.

Trump's public acknowledgment that he was willing to let the policy continue as he pursued his political goals came as the president once again blamed Democrats for a policy enacted and touted by his own administration.

Sessions has repeatedly touted the policy and it's necessity in appearance around the country and in interviews.

"I hate children being taken away".

"The president has told folks that in lieu of the laws being fixed, he wants to use the enforcement mechanisms that we have", a White House official said. Persons who violate the law of our nation are subject to prosecution.

"We have some of the highest detention standards in the world for children", he said. "That contradicts everything we know that the kids need to build their health".

For now, Congress' inaction is leading to thousands of children being ripped away from their parents.

The image greeting child migrants at the Casa Padre detention facility in Brownsville, Texas.