Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Raccoon scales high-rise in downtown St. Paul

Minnesota Raccoon You Can Do It! Skyscraper Climbing US Raccoon Transfixes Twitter TwitterScreenshot/@Johnson88Ben
Deanna Wagner | 13 June, 2018, 06:57

Building maintenance got it off the ledge on Tuesday morning, but rather than heading down, the raccoon started scaling the building next door.

Looking like a smaller, hairier version of Spiderman, the raccoon was able to scale nearly the entire building, finally stopping to rest outside the Paige Donnelly Law Firm on the 23rd floor. At one point, a small crowd had gathered on the street to see what would happen next.

Social media became abuzz at the news of the raccoon's plight, and users began posting videos and pictures of the furry animal.

The Fire Department has been trying to rescue it, but with the raccoon stuck on the outside of the building there's not a lot they can do given that the windows don't open.

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Paige Donnelly Law, which is also located in the UBS building, posted some close up shots of the critter, which the law firm said "seems to be doing well".

There is a live trap on the roof of the building with some very aromatic cat food they hope will lure the raccoon to safety. "We all just have to keep our fingers crossed".

The furry critter's ascent up the UBS Tower, as it clung only to the building's rough exterior more than 20 stories above the ground, started to stress people out on Twitter. St. Paul Animal Control believes it may have been there all night before it headed upward.