Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Scottish Nationalist Thrown Out of Parliament in Brexit Protest

Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland must wait to see what happens in Brexit before a second referendum Image Nicola Sturgeon's party has got 5,000 new members in 24-hours
Deanna Wagner | 14 June, 2018, 09:46

MP Chris Law takes a selfie alongside SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford (centre), surrounded by the party's MPs, in College Green, Westminster, London.

The episode with Mr Blackford took place during the weekly Prime Minister's Questions session after he said it was a "democratic outrage" that MPs had not been given enough time for debate the Scottish government' concerns over the Brexit bill.

The speaker of the house John Bercow MP appeared flustered and unprepared for the request, at first responding that it couldn't be heard, then stating that it could be, and finally deciding that it would only be heard at the end of Prime Minister's Questions.

"This is a constitutional crisis - we will take them on".

"Let's discuss the power grab that is coming from Westminster".

The rest of the SNP lawmakers followed their leader.

He will address MPs on the workings of the Sewel Convention, which recognises that Westminster will not normally legislate on devolved matters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland without the consent of the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly or the Northern Ireland Assembly.

"That's undemocratic, that is a slight to the Scottish Parliament and to the people of Scotland".

Mr Blackford had used a standing order to demand that the Commons sat in private, which he said would ensure that Scotland's voice was heard following Tuesday's vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill. The SNP calls it a "power grab", something the United Kingdom government denies.

However, Scottish Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs condemned the walk-out as a "stunt", and said Mr Blackford had spoiled his chance of securing an emergency debate on devolution in the coming days.

The heated scenario occurred during lively talks about Brexit as Prime Minister Theresa May faced tough questioning from ministers over the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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Conservative MP Douglas Ross condemned the SNP going down a "pathetic theatrical route", and Labour's Ian Murray said it was "time for grown-up politics, not manufactured grievances".

"This rehearsed move just demonstrated that the SNP care more about headlines than actually achieving anything for Scotland".

SNP MPs are simply seeking to represent the views of their constituents.

"Scotland's voice has not been heard. that's a democratic outrage", he said.

"Not one single Scottish MP was able to speak in a debate that lasted less than 20 minutes", he said.

Mr Mundell, is expected make a Commons statement on Thursday on Brexit and devolution.

My SNP colleagues and I were treated to the same braying and disrespect that we receive on a continual basis.

Parliament has become more and more acrimonious as the process of leaving the European Union exacerbates divisions.

When we came to Westminster first in 2015 and then again a year ago, we promised that Scotland's voice would not be silenced.

The SNP claimed it had gained 1,100 new members in the hours after the clash at Prime Minister's Questions.