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Sixers interested in Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard GETTYKawhi Leonard will reportedly sit down with Gregg Popovich in the next few weeks
Cary Erickson | 14 June, 2018, 16:24

Speculation and rumors have followed in between and since the end of the season, whether it's a potential meeting between Leonard and Gregg Popovich or possible trade destinations for the latter man.

Leonard, who finished in third place in 2016-17 MVP voting, is under contract for one more year.

According to a recent report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Boston Celtics made a trade offer to the San Antonio Spurs in an effort to acquire Kawhi Leonard, at the most recent National Basketball Association trade deadline.

The duo will reportedly have a meeting about their complicated relationship, and whether or not it's repairable, before the Spurs offer Leonard, who was injured for much of previous year, a super-max contract extension.

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Felger & Mazz producer James Stewart tweeted back in May that the Spurs offered Leonard themselves to an Eastern Conference team that wasn't the Celtics, and said team laughed at them. Wojnarowski reports the Spurs turned the deal down and did not make the Celtics a counterproposal. No details of precisely what the team offered the Spurs were provided. It started with a right quadriceps injury before the 2017-18 season started and it lingered from start to finish; Leonard played in just nine games and missed San Antonio's brief postseason run. The proposed deal works on ESPN's NBA Trade Machine. So perhaps they were interested in trading Leonard, if it were on their own terms.

These rumors can be dated all the way back when Tim Duncan retired; that Popovich might go out with him but the legendary coach chose to stay on.

That does not mean it's a guarantee that the Spurs will hold onto Leonard. The No. 8 pick could help them speed up the rebuilding process and address the areas they need to improve on their roster. It is something that he can achieve if Leonard teams up with him in Cleveland next season.