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Square Enix’s E3 showcase was a bust

Square Enix’s E3 showcase was a bust Square Enix’s E3 showcase was a bust
Cecil Davis | 12 June, 2018, 07:35

Really, the only two titles we had no clue about going into the showcase were The Quiet Man and Babylon's Fall.

Kingdom Hearts III has been all over E3 2018, and it's shown up once more for Sony's press conference.

It's out next year, but only for PlayStation 4 and PC. This game is being developed for PS4 and Steam by Platinum games and will release in 2019.

After the new title announcement, we got to once again see footage from NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS edition releasing for Xbox One on June 26th.

IHOP reveals the ‘b’ in its new name, IHOb, stands for burgers
And we imagine IHOP will be realizing before long what the people really want from its kitchen. The brand now has more than 1,700 franchised restaurants around the world.

Square Enix showed off a chunk of gameplay from the upcoming Tomb Raider game, showing Lara Croft pulling off a whole bunch of deadly and creative stealth assassinations.

Fans have already been waiting half their lives for Kingdom Hearts III-you push people way too far, Square Enix! New features coming in Just Cause 4 include a new vehicle handling system, improved AI, enhanced physics, and extreme weather systems.

Dragon Quest XI was also looking very good, with great graphics and an interesting, somewhat Zelda-esque, open world.

Square Enix and Capcom, meanwhile, will have a Final Fantasy XIV - Monster Hunter World crossover event slated for Summer 2018. The bad news? Square Enix is keeping quiet on details until August. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a new game in the Life is unusual universe, and the Xbox version of Nier: Automata were also announced yesterday, stripping today's presentations of any real excitement.