Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Stella McCartney Is Selling 46 Replicas Of Meghan Markle's Wedding Reception Dress

Meghan Markle and the queen chesire Meghan Markle might have sent a message to her critics. Jeff J Mitchell Getty Images
Adrian Cunningham | 18 June, 2018, 12:25

Meghan joined the Queen for their solo royal engagement just one month after becoming an official member of the royal family when she married Prince Harry. She asked the Duchess of Sussex how she was enjoying her new life. Interestingly, this is Meghan's first solo trip with the Queen-remember, it took nearly a year for Kate Middleton to go on a solo trip with the Queen.

I admit it: I loved Meghan Markle's reception dress ten times more than her wedding gown.

"She's so happy. She's really enjoying her new life", a source close to the former "Suits" star told Us Weekly Friday. And yes, the Queen obviously approved Meghan's distinctive move.

There was much debate on the colour of Meghan's dress, which was described as a variety of shades ranging from beige and cream to nude and oat.

Markle went to Cheshire with the Queen on Thursday for a series of engagements. In addition to this pose, Kate's mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was also a fan of this pose. "She took advantage of Kate." . It has truly been one of the most humbling moments of my career. Still, the replica dresses are sure to make any bride feel like royalty on her big day. Instead of crossing legs, women should sit their ankles and knees together and they should only cross their legs at the ankle, not knee, if needed.

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The pearl drop earrings Meghan was wearing was apparently a gift from the monarch.

The Buckingham Palace confirmed the same to E! "It is unclear if they are from her personal collection or bought especially for the Duchess", ENews reported.

"Meghan Markle was entered by the awards consultants for the USA Network, a Television Academy spokesperson told Fox News".

Markle then replied: "I will do". She accessorised with a gold clutch bag and statement earrings to complete the look. Indeed, we have never seen the Queen smiling so cheerfully in the recent past. And now, a few lucky people will be able to recreate the Duchess of Sussex's wedding reception look, but it won't be cheap.

Meghan's handbag was also by Givenchy.